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Tracking the TOS they’ll claim you agreed to

September 10th, 2010 Comments off

While I often think people would still willingly give up their rights and accept the intrusions into their privacy many site’s Terms Of Service require out of a basic laziness or lack of open-eyed awareness, I will keep hoping.

It’s too easy to ignore the implications of these seemingly ‘not really a contract’ click-thru agreements.  The length, the legalese, the often diliberately misleading language all make it harder.  A way to conveniently know what the terms are, and how they evolve is useful. The EFF is on the case:

“Terms-Of-Service and other website policies form the foundation of your relationship with social networking sites, online businesses, and other Internet communities. But most people become aware of these terms only when there’s a problem. TOSBack was created to help you monitor the policies for the websites you use everyday, and show how they change over time.

TOSBack is a project of The Electronic Frontier Foundation. We are a non-profit membership-funded organization. If you like TOSBack, please consider making a donation or becoming a member.”

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