June 11th, 2011

This is my (Jon Alper’s) personal site. It will be, primarily, commentary about: media, politics technology and civil liberties during the pre-pubescence of the Internet.

“I think we’d all be much better off if we started thinking of our personal info as currency and our opinions as monetizable content.” – Jon Alper

This site runs on WordPress and is, as of 9.10.10, using the iNove 1.4.6 by mg12 theme available at http://www.neoease.com/themes/. Both Theme and WordPress have been slightly modified.

Editorial Note: I will make periodic changes to the contents of posts to fix typos, update or add links or awkward wording such changes will not be noted. I am not blessed with the services of a copy editor though I do get good feedback sometimes. If I make any change to a post that reflects an editorial change, a change that corrects a fact or alters the opinion expressed, I will note that clearly.

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