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October 31st, 2019

In order to comment here, you need to create an account on this instance of WordPress.

  1. Follow the Comments link for a post and click  the link in “You must be logged in to post a comment.”
  2. If you don’t have an account here, click the ‘Register‘ link bottom left of the Log In box.
  3. Create a user name for yourself and choose any email address where you can collect the email you’ll be sent with your automatically generated password.
  4. Read the email, come back, Log In.
  5. Add whatever information you’d like to share with me in your Profile Page and enter whatever password you’d like to use on at the bottom of the profile page.
  6. Have fun commenting.

Note: I will be able to see your email address and whatever profile info you choose to enter, I could correlate this to what your browser tells any website you visit: your IP address, what browser and platform your browser reports and the URL of any page you clicked a link on to arrive at my site.

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