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Why don’t I want an iPad?

Seriously? Why don’t I want an iPad? In fact, why don’t I want a tablet? I don’t want Android-based tablets because I don’t want the Android OS. Lots of reasons for that but it’s an active “not want” and a topic for another day. What baffles me is, why don’t I want an iPad?

My primary platform has been MacOS since System 6. Yes, I’ve owned Windows PC’s of various flavors to solve specific problems, I had a Solaris Workstation five years ago to learn some UNIX but the personal computers, the ones I use daily and for general purposes? Macs. So many personal Macs over the years that I’ve lost count. It’s more than a dozen. I have an iPhone, actually, I’ve owned the original iPhone, a 3GS and now iPhone 4. I love ’em. They’ve been more reliable as plain old phones than any other cell phones  (Samsungs, Motorolas and Sony-Ericssons) I’ve owned.

I’ve owned (or still own) a 1996 vintage Apple LaserWriter that’s my daily printer, two Newtons,  three generations of AirPort base stations,  a coupla-three StyleWriters, three or four iPods and numerous Apple widgets and geegaws. Buying Apple products is not something I have had any problem doing. Yet…  I don’t want an iPad.


I don’t get it. I should want one. I should really want an iPad 2.  It’s got the last two features that struck me as “oughta be there but ain’t” from the first iPad (the cameras and a multitasking iOS). It’s fast, light, responsive and looks like a lot of fun. I just don’t want one. I don’t not want one.  If I got gifted one, I’d surely enjoy having it rather than sell it.  I want but can’t justify buying an AppleTV but I don’t want an iPad. I don’t even want some mythical iPad that’s been changed in some way to meet some ideal in my head. There’s nothing ‘wrong’ with iPad. I just don’t want one and I can’t put my finger on why. No techno-lust for me at all for iPad.

Maybe I’ll want one later.


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  1. gking
    April 14th, 2011 at 17:24 | #1

    It took me many days of careful consideration but have finally decided the reason why you, me or anyone should want an iPad is because it’s new and shinny and Apple makes it!

    Yep that’s the best reason I could come up with. I also didn’t want an iPad until the iPad 2 arrived and then it wasn’t because of any new feature it was purely because it was new and shinny. Having got one I now realise why I should have always wanted one but I never knew it.

    I’ve also realised that the reason why I should have always wanted one is different from why you should want one – for me the instant on computing and immersive content.

    I love this post – it’s been nibbling me for weeks since you wrote it! I’ve been trying to think of all kinds of (mainly derogatory,) reasons why you may not want an iPad but I really do think it comes down to new and shiny. You should want one and if you got one I think you’ll understand understand why you should have wanted it!

  2. April 15th, 2011 at 03:32 | #2


    I’ll admit that Garage Band is beginning to tug at me and get me wanting one of the frelling things. There will be several in the ‘shop’ for setup in the next few weeks and I am hoping timing lets me have a weekend of quality time with one for me to get a better sense of the experience. It’s inherently not-immersive to have my only experience of using iPads be floor demos or somebody else’s passed across the dinner table.

    One thing I should have made clear is that if I were traveling again for work at the frequency I used to, I’d be all over it. Frankly, had I not been as successful as I have been lately in avoiding six-meeting-days that too would have me buying one as a note-taker/fact-checker.

    Mobility for me lately has either been “so mobile the iPhone will do all I need and want to carry” or “All day planning meeting, bring the MacBook Pro”.

    Having had so much of my work lately involve sitting at a desk and working primarily via email and Skype has meant the Mac Pros have always been in easy reach. That is definitely biasing my reaction.

    – Jon

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