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Science isn’t an ‘establishment’. It’s not a ‘belief system’. It’s not ‘one way of looking at it’. Science is not a ‘point of view’. Science is not dogma. Science is a method used to discover truth. Science is intellectual discipline. Without intellectual discipline we are, at best, naive and, at worst, dishonest.

Science is a process designed to move from observation to testing to conclusion and, most important, to validation of conclusion or alteration of conclusion by others.

Any good scientist would be as happy to be proved wrong as she was to be proved correct. Under no other system of thought is that the case and, therefore, no other system of thought can reveal truth.

Science is not fluid. It’s iterative. Confusing the intrinsic property of science to respond to new information and iterate toward truth with the idea that the truth itself is malleable is misunderstanding science.

I’m coming to the conclusion that not getting this, and that so many smart people, really smart people  don’t understand this, is the root cause of pretty much the entire mess we’re in.

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