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Why don’t I want an iPad?

March 4th, 2011 2 comments

Seriously? Why don’t I want an iPad? In fact, why don’t I want a tablet? I don’t want Android-based tablets because I don’t want the Android OS. Lots of reasons for that but it’s an active “not want” and a topic for another day. What baffles me is, why don’t I want an iPad?

My primary platform has been MacOS since System 6. Yes, I’ve owned Windows PC’s of various flavors to solve specific problems, I had a Solaris Workstation five years ago to learn some UNIX but the personal computers, the ones I use daily and for general purposes? Macs. So many personal Macs over the years that I’ve lost count. It’s more than a dozen. I have an iPhone, actually, I’ve owned the original iPhone, a 3GS and now iPhone 4. I love ’em. They’ve been more reliable as plain old phones than any other cell phones  (Samsungs, Motorolas and Sony-Ericssons) I’ve owned.

I’ve owned (or still own) a 1996 vintage Apple LaserWriter that’s my daily printer, two Newtons,  three generations of AirPort base stations,  a coupla-three StyleWriters, three or four iPods and numerous Apple widgets and geegaws. Buying Apple products is not something I have had any problem doing. Yet…  I don’t want an iPad.


I don’t get it. I should want one. I should really want an iPad 2.  It’s got the last two features that struck me as “oughta be there but ain’t” from the first iPad (the cameras and a multitasking iOS). It’s fast, light, responsive and looks like a lot of fun. I just don’t want one. I don’t not want one.  If I got gifted one, I’d surely enjoy having it rather than sell it.  I want but can’t justify buying an AppleTV but I don’t want an iPad. I don’t even want some mythical iPad that’s been changed in some way to meet some ideal in my head. There’s nothing ‘wrong’ with iPad. I just don’t want one and I can’t put my finger on why. No techno-lust for me at all for iPad.

Maybe I’ll want one later.


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