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**********UPDATE*********** See below for a new update from Intego.

Intego reports another variant  of Mac Malware Flashback on their security blog here, and updated here.

Generally useful  advice and relatively little of the weaselly stuff I have bashed Intego for in the past.  My recommendation is to take the advice offered in those posts seriously.

Nevertheless, the Mac Security Blog post from Intego includes the following useful gem: “It is worth noting that Flashback.G will not install if VirusBarrier X6 is present, or if a number of other security programs are installed on the Mac in question. ”

Let me decode that for you: “We know some other security tools that would also protect you because this variant will not install if it finds these tools present on a Mac during an infection attempt but we’re not going to tell you. We’re not saying because we want you to be scared into buying our product rather than made to feel confident in our integrity and want to buy our product.”

Now, to be fair, they aren’t obligated to tell their customers or potential customers about competing products. That said, and my point all along with Intego is a company should be self aware enough to realize that selling security software comes with an expectation of maintaining the highest possible standard of conduct.

A smarter approach would mean they’d want  people perceive them as trustworthy and they’d say “We know these other security programs also offer protection against this variant.”

Why can’t they learn? The Mac community needs every good supplier of consumer security tools we can get.

Here’s a little more info than Intego felt a need to share: http://www.f-secure.com/v-descs/trojan-downloader_osx_flashback_c.shtml and http://blog.joelesler.net/2011/10/macosx-flashback-trojan-is-covered-by.html As always with security issues, a holistic approach and getting yourself informed is best. In this case it looks like the presence of LittleSnitch may do it and, that ClamXav and Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition may also protect you from this variant of Flashback

Please, Intego, step up. Do better. I know you can. You just don’t seem to want to.

———-Update Below———-

Intego posted a useful and issue-free update. In short, with Java as an infection vector, Flashback no longer is truly a simple Trojan. Intego’s update usefully, simply and directly explains this with none of the ‘marketing weaseldom’ I have noted in the past. Good for them! Let’s hope this marks a new way of communicating for them.

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