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I, umm, err, kinda lied a little…

In launching this blog I implied that I had been entirely dormant in my personal publication on the internet while working at a media company. In truth, because I needed not to associate my name with my opinions on some topics for fear it would be misinterpreted as being the word of, or my opinion about my then employer, I wrote some under a pseudonym. Yes, there were other contributors than me but I’ll leave it to them to reveal what portions were theirs.

The writing, mostly mine, was published at: http://www.89system.com/asktherightquestion/

If you choose to read the pieces posted there, bear in mind the opinions expressed did not, and probably still don’t reflect those of my former employers and are, categorically, not about them.

Why did I ‘lie’ about the extent of my hiatus? Honestly, I didn’t mean to. When I wrote the piece talking about my re-emergence in self publishing, I had forgotten about the old site.

Expect nuggets from there to re-surface here.

– Jon

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