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Gifts for Geeks # 2 – As good as Classic Trek!

One of the best television series’ in history was probably unknown to many of you. The show was called Farscape and was, and I don’t say this lightly, as good as Classic Star Trek. I could rhapsodize for hours on the quality of the ensemble cast, the live-action puppetry (this ain’t no Thunderbirds) the ‘look and feel’ of the show, the humor, the kink, the real sense of ongoing character arc and the incredible warmth and passion for the project from cast and crew that flowed like Niagra Falls from the screen.

That this show was ‘saved from a cliffhanger cancellation’ by fan activism on the intertubes was another aspect of this show that makes it Geek-Cool.

More info at http://www.watchfarscape.com/and http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/save_farscape/

There is not, remotely, enough good to say about this show. If you know a geek, buy him or her this for the holidays. If you’re a geek and don’t have it yet, get yourself a copy….now.

Frell me dead, this show was great and I miss it!

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