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Film Vs Digital Misconception

September 27th, 2010

Ken Rockwell’s 9,27 post says, among other things:

“With all the discussion today, it’s astounding how few people actually take the challenge to try real photography and compare it to “digital”on the same scene.”

In reference to this example: http://www.kenlax.com/analog.html

There’s a lot of good reason to choose film over digital and vice versa but the poor white balance and relative over-exposure of the digital capture on the left, vs the hyper-saturation of Kodak Portra VC film on the right isn’t really a meaningful comparison. Nor does the photo processor’s choices about the film and scan vs the digital image capture and any post get factored. This ain’t science.

But.. .Portra VC does make for a certain special and saturated beauty.

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